Digital Marketing Training

Digital marketing training provides you and your staff the methods and information you need to manage your online marketing efforts.

Learn how to integrate the latest AI tools such as Chat GPT and Midjourney into your creative process with our instructor led step by step tutorials.

We can teach your marketing teams to quickly incorporate SEO tools, content tools, and tracking elements in your business.


Digital Marketing Coach

We set it up, train your team, and get out of the way. No long term contracts, all services are à la carte. Schedule a call to discuss pricing and options. We train up to 5 people per session.

Page Speed Optimization

Page Speed Optimization

Winning SEO requires a site that loads fast on mobile. Google does not index sites that load slowly on mobile. Connect with an expert and find out if your business site or shopping cart is up to speed. Well analyze your site performance and provide immediate corrective actions to get your site listed on Google.

90 minute Zoom Session

Content Optimization

Content Optimization

SEO Strategy requires content to be properly planned, linked, and tagged. Google depends on proper on page signals and schema markup as guidance in indexing. Learn about the tools that help you optimize your content. Our training will help you consistently publish high quality properly organized content.

(3) – 60 minute Zoom Sessions

chatGPT Training

chatGPT Training

If you have tried chatGPT you know that it can be a powerful assistant in your content creation efforts. BUT, you can’t just copy paste your way to SEO worthy content. Learn our process for creating great content with chatGPT and other AI tools that will set you apart from your competition. A little training goes a long way!

90 Minute Zoom Session

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

SEO begins by knowing which keywords people use find your site when they search. Using the wrong keywords results in listings with no traffic. Learn the art of keyword research using three of the best free tools available for this task. We teach a repeatable winning process that you will use every time you create new content or pages for your site.

90 Minute Zoom Session


Feed the Bots with Schema

The semantic web is here and it consumes schema. Beat the competition with Schema. Use your keyword research to deploy schema throughout the content of your site. We will examine the use of WordPress Schema Plugins that extend your basic on page meta tagging with schema classes and properties. We’ll check your current setup during the meeting.

90 Minute Zoom Session

SEM Strategy

SEM Strategy

Search Engine Marketing complements an SEO plan increasing site traffic dynamically. The interesting thing to know is that the setup process requires you to supply keyword lists, so the work that you do in our keyword research training for SEO is also used when setting up PPC or Context Marketing campaigns. This is why we say SEO complements SEM. You need both!

90 Minute Zoom Session

DIVI Theme

Wordpress DIVI Framework

Build your site on a framework with the best performance and SEO capabilities. We help you setup the WordPress CMS with the DIVI Framework. Training is divided into 6 sessions and takes you from setup to fully functional site visiting every feature of the theme builder. We also cover WordPress security. The classes can be scheduled to sync with your availability.

(6) – 90 Minute Zoom Sessions

GA4 Site Analytics

Google Analytics 4 is coming and will replace GA3 in July. Analytics reporting setup is changing in GA4 and if you are serious about beating your competitors you will want this training. We’ll guide you through GA4 setup on your site, and then how to setup reports that will help you better understand how your site is performing in search. Metrics make all the difference!

90 Minute Zoom Session

Google Search Console

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free tool offered by Google that helps website owners monitor and maintain their site’s presence in Google search results. It provides insights into how Google crawls and indexes a website, and allows site owners to submit sitemaps and monitor their site’s search performance. We guide you through setup and use of this important tool.

90 Minute Zoom Session

Frequently Asked Questions

I have training needs you don’t list. Can you help me?

 We offer custom training in areas that are not listed above. For instance if your running a Shopify site, or list on Amazon, or Walmart, we have experience in these areas. If you have a requirement we haven’t covered, schedule a call.

Can I mix and match classes?

Yes, you can. Our classes are designed to be standalone and can be taken in any order that suits your needs. With one-on-one instruction, learning becomes much more accessible, allowing you to quickly focus on the areas that interest you most. If you don’t see a class on a topic that you’re interested in, just let us know and we’ll quickly find a trainer for you.

How much does this cost?

All training is conducted remotely using Zoom. Invite up to five people to each session to maximize your return on investment in your business. All of the areas covered are package priced and vary depending upon the number of sessions required to conduct the training. Schedule a call to discuss pricing and calendaring.

How do I know this works?

From day one every aspect of the training and services are driven by metrics for success. The very first step is identify the goals you have for your training or services we provide. We also recommend you check our Linked In page for references.

What is a conversion goal?

For some it is straight forward, “Sell My Products” or “Sell our Services” and for those clients we focus on transactions. For others the conversion methods vary, but can still be measured. We work with you to define your goals early in the process, so that you will have reports that prove SEO/SEM works.

How much time does it take?

SEM creates traffic immediately but takes months of tuning to maximize conversion and can be costly. Search engine optimization takes a minimum of 3 months of weekly activities to move the needle on traffic. However, the traffic gains obtained with good SEO practices are long lasting and less costly that search engine marketing.


It’s not one or the other!

A properly balanced SEO/SEM Strategy will reduce marketing costs, increase site traffic, and improve conversion rates.

Ask for a site review today!

Your site is evaluated by an expert, not a bot, who will provide you actionable information to increase prospect traffic and improve conversions.

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