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Cold Email Marketing

Cold Email Marketing TemplateAn email marketing template for cold email marketing campaigns differs from other types of letters in that the focus of the first sentence is to  capture the recipient’s attention.

People do not have time for the flowery rhetoric, and they don’t care about your awards or boast. The most important thing to them is their business, and in particular, their pain points. By tapping into a deep-seated concern, you can motivate them to continue reading the rest of the letter.

Crafting an effective subject line is critical in preventing your email from being immediately deleted, and a powerful way to capture the reader’s attention is to allude to a pressing pain point. Whether your business is centered around selling products or services, it’s important to begin with a strong and attention-grabbing pain point that resonates with your reader.

Here is the rest of the template structure.

Cold Email Template

SUBJECT: A subject that entices the recipient to open the email.
PARAGRAPH 1: A first sentence that seeks to alarm the recipient with a pain point followed by a second sentence that establishes trust by mentioning a referral or another company they know.

PARAGRAPH 2: The second paragraph needs to establish that you have the solution to the problem. Plain and simple, “I can fix this problem”. Don’t mention how you do this or go into any further detail.

In the second sentence mention something specific to their business that lets them know this email isn’t a mass mail, or robot zombie. Look for this detail in the about page or other pages of their site or mention a name of someone you know inside the company.

PARAGRAPH 3: The last paragraph is a one sentence call to action. Don’t ask for an appointment or a call, instead do use one of these lines:

  • Is this a relevant topic for you?
  • Would you like to explore this with me?
  • Is this subject top of mind for you?
  • Would you like to run this by your team?

Do include your name, email address, and phone number.

Do not include a graphic or logo and don’t load it up with quotes or links.

Cold Marketing Email Example

Subject: Are Layoffs Coming?

Hello Jim,

Word on the street is that your company could be reducing headcount in coming weeks. Your competitor at Company XYZ just laid off 10% of its workforce.

If you’re downsizing, I can help you reduce cost, while improving customer experience. By the way I tested your 888-888-8888 support number, and it took 2 minutes to get to an agent. We can do better for you!

Is this subject top of mind for you?

Let’s talk,

Julie Jones – CX Services

Cold Marketing Email Example

Subject: Stop Losing Customers

Hello Diane,

Are you aware that several of the pages on your website are showing up with “page not found” errors even though they are listed in Google search?

This is a fast way to lose a customer! I have a report for you that covers five other serious issues I found on your shopping cart. I can help you fix these issues.

Would you like to review this report with me?

Julie Jones – CX Services

Email Marketing Tips

Keep in mind that sending a single email isn’t enough of an effort to obtain a good response rate. We recommend you follow up your messages using an email automation tool. A good setup will allow you to resend your messages to recipients that did not open prior emails which helps to increase conversion rates.

Spread out your emails. If you schedule an email to go out every two weeks with a different subject and body and these are opened by the recipient but not unsubscribed, they may have been interested in your offer, but unable to respond. These follow-up emails can be the exact motivation they need to schedule a meeting.

Other recommendations include:

  • NO GRAPHICS. Send plain text messages only.
  • “You and your” should be used more than “I”.
  • Limit total sentences to between 5 and 7 total, across three paragraphs.
  • Your copy shouldn’t contain more than 70 words.
  • Don’t add a “booking link” at the end and ask for them to select a time before they actually expressed an interest to talk.
  • Personalize your email to specific details about their business or competitors.
  • Don’t talk about your company, talk about the problems your prospects face.
  • Don’t use any formatting.
  • Consider at least 5 touchpoints over 10 weeks.
  • Never say that you’re “the best” at anything. “Show, don’t tell”.

One last thought. As you move through your incoming emails think about the ones you respond too. And the ones you delete. Studying these messages will help you plan for better campaigns in the future.

If you need help designing a cold email campaign schedule a call and let us help you convert more prospects using email.


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