A digital marketing strategy is comprised of a wide range of activities designed to grow revenue across sales channels.

Business owners often sell their goods and services across multiple online channels such as Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Shopify, and B2B Channels.

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3 Step Digital Marketing Plan

Investigate – Evaluate – Recommend

Investigate My Revenue Model

We work with your team to investigate the revenue model, technical performance, logistics, and growth requirements.

Evaluate My Business Marketing Plan

Following the assessment phase, we evaluate the business’s marketing plan,  merchandise/service pricing, and distribution channels.

Recommend a Digital Marketing Plan

When the evaluation is complete, we provide a report that  offers practical recommendations in a thorough marketing plan with a cost proposal.

The Right Answers?


Identifying performance problems in the customer value chain is a complex process. When the answers provided by your internal staff don’t add up, an impartial second opinion can help.

Investors and  Board members need validation that growth expectations will be met. An independent review will provide unbiased actionable information.

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Digital Marketing Strategy

Get a comprehensive plan for your business from a team with 25+ years experience covering all aspects of digital marketing. 


Review Sales Channels

Review Sales Channels

Proprietary Ecommerce
Shopify / Big Commerce
Amazon, Ebay, Etzy, others
Wholesale Partners
Dropship Program
Affiliate Programs

Revenue Review

Revenue Review

Gather sales data by portal
Gather channel costs data
Gather marketing costs data
Gather operations costs data
Gather product costs data
Interview sales team
Interview customer service

Technical Review

Technical Review

Platform Completeness
SEO Quality – Index Footprint
SEM Quality – Coverage
Social Metrics – Integrations
Email Platform & Processes
Digital Media Services
Security Posture


Platform Performance

Platform Performance

SEO Metrics
SEM Metrics
Product Meta Data Deployment
Merchandising & Promotions
Off Page Performance
Page Speed Metrics

Site Analytics

Site Analytics

Google Page Speed
Google Mobile First Performance
Search Console Keywords
Google Analytics Reports
Google / Bing PPC Reports
Content Marketing Reports
Seasonal Variability
Email Campaigns
Shipping Performance


Current Strategy

Current Strategy

Company Business Plan
Growth Goals
SWOT Analysis
SEM/SEO Status
PPC Plan
Traditional Marketing
Retail Brick & Mortar
New Products


When the investigation and evaluation phases are complete we hold a series of  meetings to present findings and discuss with your team. A PowerPoint review will be conducted covering all segments of the investigation and evaluation.

In addition we provide a series of evaluation reports gleaned from the investigation. These can be used in the future in before and after comparisons. The last piece of the puzzle is a comprehensive digital marketing plan with costs options by section. You can do the entire plan internally, or outsource those elements as best fits your team’s requirements.


  • Zoom Team Meeting To Review:
  • Findings
  • Power Point Report
  • Revenue Reports
  • Technical Reports
  • Platform Performance Reports
  • Site Analytics Reports
  • Current Strategy Review
  • Digital Marketing Plan

Top Questions

How much time does this process take?

With strong internal backing, the investigation and evaluation process can be completed within a 2-4 week timeframe. The speed of the result can be greatly impacted by factors such as access to necessary data, the availability of team members for interviews, and prompt response to the assessment request. Upon completion of the investigation and evaluation, the final report can be prepared and delivered within a few days.

Can you teach me how to do this myself?

Absolutely. We prefer to coach you through the process and give you the tools you need to succeed. There is no magic involved, you will be taught a clear path to success. Integrating our methods into your work process will accelerate your growth.

What if I just want you to do it?

Our customers often demand quick results, and we are here to deliver. Working closely with your team, we assess the current status and then take charge of the entire marketing plan creation process, serving as your trusted partner. Upon approval of the plan, we will put together a dedicated support team and oversee the execution of all campaign components.

How much does this cost?

Costs will vary depending upon the scope of your needs. We will provide you a costs proposal after an initial meeting to assess the scope of your needs. When the report is complete, if you need assistance carrying out the recommendations we can help. The first meeting is free.

What if I only need one area reviewed?

If you are only seeking a review of a single aspect, we can accommodate that request. Whether you need validation of your existing plan or have concerns about a specific area, we can perform a targeted investigation and provide a prompt response. Additionally, we will provide cost estimates for implementing our recommendations.

Why should I trust you to do this work?

With 25+ years of experience we can show proof of work history. Every aspect of our work is logical and based on common sense. When we recommend service providers your relationship with them is direct. We strive to keep costs minimal to insure the success of the plan.

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