Social Marketing Checklist

Social Marketing is the process of engaging with prospects and customers via a wide range of social media platforms. It important to note that one of the primary means of engaging customers and providing them support will be in these channels. Whether your company is B2B or B2C, consistent effort applied to social media provides rich returns in customer loyalty, product feedback, and sales growth.

Recommended Daily Task

  • Respond to inbound social messages
  • Monitor your brand mentions online and react to them
  • Find and engage with potential customers
  • Check and update your posting calendar
  • Post on Twitter – Retweet – Comment
  • Post on Your Facebook Page – Respond to Comments
  • Post on Instagram – Comment on Other Posts
  • Monitor industry news and hot topics
  • Check what your competitors are posting

Recommended Weekly Task

  • Create a posting schedule for the week
  • Engage with marketing partners
  • Discuss strategy and tactics with your team
  • Run your social media analytics
  • Track the results of your ongoing ad campaigns
  • Identify your competitors’ best-performing posts

Know that if you enter into a social marketing with the mindset that its purpose is to sell your goods or services, you will be sorely disappointed. Social marketing often consumes more money than it earns. Marketing dollars should first be allocated to a content plan that meets SEO objectives, and an SEM plan that provides a strong return on investment.

Start your social marketing efforts out with a minimum budget that allows a consistent activity level that maintains your brand in the public eye. In time you will be able to grow your channel to meet customer service demands.

Social Media Marketing



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